Security Assessment

Datcher Group provides proven strategies to mitigate cyber risks, protect mission-critical environments and safeguard data and assets. Leverage expert IT security services for clear visibility of your risks and additional benefits that protect your entire digital infrastructure against today’s sophisticated cyber

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Leveraging Standards and Best Practices

A Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a collection of security related activities designed to determine current cyber risk exposure within an organization. Rather than being a checklist as you might find in a cybersecurity audit, a Cyber Security Risk Assessment is a customized, interactive solution designed around your business.


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Remote Support

Datcher Group takes the guesswork out of network monitoring so technicians can spend more time focusing on the work that matters.

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Server / Network Management

Industry-leading features for any technology endeavor large or small – whether it's managing database becomes a day-to-day challenge or major infrastructure.

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Less Downtime

We identify risk areas in your enterprise and provide specific recommendations for mitigating those risks.

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Latest Technology

We leverage industry-leading technology with training in various software, programs and integrations.

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Fewer Disruptions

With Datcher at the helm, we can help mitigate disruptions and keep your business running at full capacity.

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Peace of Mind

Let us do the heavy lifting by handling your network and business security while you focus on building a thriving business.

Compliance Overview

Our compliance overview sets out the baseline controls an organization needs to put in place to protect your digital assets. Cyber Essentials is the bare minimum any organization should adopt.

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Instant Response Time

Datcher provides fast and professional issue resolution services. You can turn your customer support into our concern by delegating your online customer service to us.

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More Time To Focus

Rather than hiring employees for every need, let Datcher Group dispatch a certified IT engineer to solve requests.

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Scale Without Limits

Your managed IT services for a growing company. We have the flexibility you’re looking for as both your business and technology needs change so you will be able to grow with a partner that you can count on long term.

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We offer security reviews, vulnerability and compliance assessments. Datcher can help your business understand vulnerabilities, apply appropriate security controls and mitigate issues against the risk of a cyber-attack and data breach.