What is Cybersecurity Program Management?

June 8, 2021

Too many business leaders have no idea what their organization?s information and system assets are, what their criticality to the business is, what their vulnerabilities are, and what risks they pose. This information can include financial information, customer data, employee data, proprietary data; the list doesn?t end.

All of this information is targeted by hackers, or more likely, careless employees or vendors. It is a big problem that can ruin a company?s reputation, its stock price, or its profits.

Our team at Datcher Group understands the vulnerabilities and threats to information better than anyone. We?ve been building IT systems for more than 20 years and know the mess that comes from lots of different systems built over time.  There are potential leaks and vulnerabilities everywhere.

Most business leaders would rather pretend they don?t have security challenges and defer to IT staff for reassurance. This is a dangerous proposition.  Some face the business impact of a breach without a cybersecurity plan. The courageous leader brings us in ahead of a problem and boldly face their challenges.

If you are ready to establish or strengthen your cybersecurity program, contact us to learn how we do it.

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